Advantech and Arm: Helping cities and factories get connected to the IoT

Arm Mbed IoT Device Platform Helps Advantech Develop IoT Gateways, Sensor Modules and Services to Quickly, Easily and Securely Connect Smart Cities and Factories

Industry experts forecast that by 2035 there will be one trillion devices connected to the IoT worldwide. Industrial and smart city markets will drive much of this growth; McKinsey believes that 60 to 80 percent of the IoT opportunities in the next ten years will be in connected buildings, factories and cities. IoT deployments like these can be massive in scale, so the IoT ecosystem must find ways to quickly and easily connect millions of devices to the Internet.

It’s a daunting challenge. Many endpoint devices in smart cities and factories use protocols which are unable to directly connect to the Internet. Devices like HVAC systems, which utilize legacy communication standards like Modbus and BACnet that aren’t IP-based, need their communications to be translated by a gateway before they can interact with the cloud. Connecting these devices to the Internet also raises concerns about security and operational resiliency. Smart cities and factories often drive mission critical applications, like power grids or production lines, and any downtime due to hacking or faulty hardware is not only expensive, it can put the safety of employees and citizens at risk. Industrial customers looking to take advantage of the benefits afforded by IoT will need a lot of help to implement it in a way that’s simple, secure and scalable.

Connected spaces are driving IoT adoption.

Advantech and Arm are working closely together to help Advantech create IoT solutions that address these issues. Advantech is a leading provider of embedded and automation solutions for a range of applications, including industry manufacturing, intelligent healthcare, intelligent logistics, intelligent retail and others. Their expertise in IoT Sensing Devices, WISE-PaaS, Edge Intelligence Servers, Solution Ready Platforms and customer-centric design services makes them ideally suited to build IoT applications that will make large smart factory and smart city deployments possible.

“Traditionally, our industrial customers looked to Advantech for help with issues like hardware performance, longevity and ruggedness. With IoT, we must continue to offer products with those features, but also add elements like connectivity, device management, security, data analytics, and cloud services,” said Miller Chang, President, Advantech Embedded-IoT Group. “Many of our customers are new to IoT and connected systems, so they need Advantech to provide those solutions. The Mbed IoT platform has been critical to our ability to meet that need, in addition to giving us revenue opportunities beyond hardware sales.”

Advantech’s integrated IoT solutions include M2.COM sensor nodes, IoT gateways, and WISE-PaaS/EdgeSense, an edge intelligence and sensing integration software solution incorporating sensor data aggregation and edge analytics with a cloud connection for easy and efficient software integration of machine learning. These solutions are built on Arm’s Mbed OS and Mbed Cloud technologies to deliver much needed gateway and device management capabilities. Many of Advantech’s customers don’t have the resources to maintain their IoT infrastructure once it’s active, which gives Advantech an additional revenue stream by selling PaaS subscriptions.

“With the Mbed IoT device platform, we’re able to offer our partners like Advantech a solution that handles IoT connectivity, device management and security so they can focus their engineering resources on what they do best: providing their customers with value-added IoT applications that make connected cities and factories possible,” said Dipesh Patel, President of the IoT Services Group at Arm.

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