Can we Cope with Data Density Presented by the IoT?

The quantity of IoT devices being deployed is vast, yet it's minuscule when you compare it to the density of the data those devices generate.

The latest Tech Trends Report by IoT Global Network has been working with Arm to bring you the latest themes and how device and data management platforms help deal with this explosion in proliferated data streams.

The report covers a range of topics, all underpinned by one common theme- the benefits of data at hyper-scale and how we can cope with it. The latest report includes:

IoT devices set the challenge of data with destiny

The number of new device connections and the volume of the data they will generate is massive, reports George Malim. The next IoT challenge, therefore, becomes managing devices and the data they create to generate valuable insights.

How to prepare device management for hyperscale in IoT

Organizations making IoT deployments have to prepare in terms of device and data management if they are to succeed in the mass IoT market, writes Beecham Research’s Robin Duke-Woolley.

Data volume and variety makes device management vital for efficient IoT data processing

Hima Mukkamala, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of IoT Cloud Services here at Arm, tells George Malim that device management is critical for organizations that deploy IoT devices, collect their data on-premises or in the cloud, and analyze it for business use.

Why a trusted device equals trusted data

Security starts even before establishing the root of trust to secure devices and the data they generate, store and transmit from the chip right through to data hitting the cloud, writes Annie Turner.

...Plus answers questions such as:

  • Should I manage my device data on the cloud or on my premises?
  • How can good data management underpin successful data strategies?
  • How do I automate data management at scale?
  • Click here to download the full report.

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