Helping you build IoT of the future: exciting new products, services and a peek into the future from ARM TechCon 2015

 “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” —Walt Disney

Cloud computing is changing the world, offering businesses and developers alike ways to leverage data in an agile, cost-effective way as IoT deployments reach scale. We have seen our huge developer community take IoT deployments, based on mbed products, into applications that are transforming industries – both technology-led and traditionally non-technology industries such as smart construction. I have been talking to mbed partners about ‘why IoT is for them’ for years, but there is an exciting shift in these conversations as the benefits of IoT linked with big data are becoming undeniable. These conversations, everywhere, have turned to ‘how can we leverage IoT at scale’.  

The ‘how’ question comes down to -

  1. How can I manage the complexity that arises from connecting a wide range of devices that feature different technologies and ensure that they continue to deliver value well into the future?
  2. How can I leverage the industry leading ecosystem around the breadth of ARM Cortex-M processor based solutions and use this to deploy IoT applications quickly, and have them integrate into cloud services helping solve business needs right now?

In September this year, we focused on three key areas: extending the cloud services and ecosystem choice available to developers, creating developer tools to help you improve productivity and reducing the time to market so that businesses can take advantage of IoT quickly.

Leading cloud partners have centralized their technologies around the mbed IoT Device Platform with the likes of IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, and Zebra Technologies joining the mbed ecosystem. We are also excited that the momentum of the mbed ecosystem continues to extend the choice of silicon, tools, applications and support continues to grow. Since May 2015, we have welcomed 24 new partners including: 1248, Alcatel-Lucent, Analog Devices, Baidu, Captiva, Delta, Express Logic, ForgeRock, GreenPeak, Nuvoton, ON Semiconductor, PixArt, Renesas, Schneider-Electric, Silver Spring Networks, SK Telecom, Smeshlink, SpinDance, Switch Science, Western Digital and WIZnet.

mbed Device Connector to ease development and manageability of IoT devices


Today, just ahead of our ARM Tech Con 2015 conference in Santa Clara, Nov 10-12th, we are releasing mbed Device Connector, a new service for developers to connect and manage up to 100 devices and handling up to 10,000 events an hour for free. This is available to you on This console will help you get started in minutes, access example code for applications and connect to your choice of cloud partners quickly. mbed Device Connector is a first step and you can find details of this release here. You’ve helped us shape this particularly through the event transactions we have seen you relay are important to your projects to scale. You can get started today and when you are ready to move to more than 100 devices, all the development done on this free version is ready to move to commercial scale through our ecosystem.


What’s new in mbed OS Technology Preview

When we announced the mbed OS beta version, you would have noticed that this was a combination of OS and developer tools. Together, they focus on offering the building blocks for IoT build on inter-operable standards, ready for next generation connectivity and with strong foundations of security. mbed OS is a new operating system built with the strong security, connectivity and manageability for large-scale IoT deployments in mind.


Today, we’ve released the first public mbed OS Technology Preview version and associated tools, to offer you early access to some of the exciting features that we believe will help you take full advantage of your IoT devices.

The mbed OS Technology Preview provides early access to upcoming product innovations, enabling you to test functionality and provide feedback during the development process. Our focus in this release is on laying the foundation for mbed OS development and collaboration, particularly core tools, technology and testing. If you’re already using earlier versions of mbed, please note that mbed OS is a new operating system; although it shares some code with mbed Classic, it has its own structure, tools, APIs and philosophy. We expect mbed OS developers to be able to access, build and run example projects and to explore the underlying code.

mbed OS Technology Preview offers:

  • First native OS support for Thread
  • First inclusion of BLE
  • mbed uVisor support for sample ARM Cortex-M4 devices using the ARM MPU
  • Further improvements in test coverage and stability – an ongoing endeavor
  • Stronger defect management, and errata reporting through “known issues” documents
  • yotta target support for mbed Enabled targets from a selection of silicon partners  

To get started with mbed OS, please visit our getting started guides, which describe the tools you need to use mbed OS, how to build and run your first mbed OS program and where to find a few more examples. To find out more about how mbed OS is structured and the services currently available in mbed OS, please visit the mbed OS repository on GitHub. It contains a list of the code repositories used in mbed OS, a list of the currently supported targets and other useful information. With this technology preview we’re ready to start receiving contributions back from the community and we expect this list of supported targets to grow quickly. If you’d like to work on mbed OS with us, we’d encourage you to pitch in.

Opening new doors, leading to new paths

Alongside these released products, we are also taking some exciting early demonstrations that will be on the ARM mbed Zone (Booth #512) on the ARM Tech Con 2015 show floor. Our lead engineers will be onsite to take you through our latest products and how we are enabling developers to focus on their key value-added features and ease deployment of IoT devices at scale. Demos will include mbed OS Technology Preview, mbed Device Connector, Thread, yotta - not to mention more than twenty mbed partners showcasing their own mbed supported products and services.

Bee Hayes-Thakore is an engineer by background and looks after marketing programs at ARM mbed

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