Introducing a new deployment option: Mbed On Premises

I’ve been looking forward to telling you about this new deployment option of Mbed Cloud for quite a while. As of today, you can deploy the entire Mbed IoT device management system as an on-premise deployment – also known as Mbed On Premises.

In the modern world of cloud products, it’s typical to extend Software/Infrastructure/Platform as-a-Service (SaaS/IaaS/PaaS) offerings with an on-premise deployment option. In fact, this type of deployment has been requested by many of our customers, as it can provide better visibility and stronger control over device access and data. This is important as regulations, policies, legal liabilities and indemnification issues, or technical limitations, can require companies to use on-premise solution for IoT device management instead of a cloud-based one products.

Mbed On Premises provides a range of IoT device management capabilities in a variety of configurations, including:

  • Physical, bare-metal hardware on customer premises
  • Customer’s datacenter with virtualization capabilities
  • Customer-preferred IaaS vendor
  • Other clouds (local and remote)

Mbed On Premises offers all the various features and capabilities provided by Mbed Cloud, allowing our customers to quickly deploy, securely operate and easily provide device management capabilities for any number of IoT devices. Furthermore, Mbed On Premises is a perfect fit for customers looking for tight control of their network’s security and privacy settings in order to meet their own requirements or their customers’.

Top Five Benefits of Mbed On Premises

Versatile deployment options for Mbed Cloud users

The use of SaaS cloud products provides several benefits: cost of entry is low, businesses can quickly scale devices up or down, security and data privacy stays under their control, and secure access to the cloud can be accomplished from anywhere.

However, on-premise deployments add even more value. They provide the ability for users to customize their environment, choose specific features and add new integrations that are not typically supported by other cloud products. It also provides a cost-efficient way to scale up new IoT at a lower cost margin; Once the investment is made, customers do not have to keep paying a service provider to add another extra device or store more data.

With the ability to host Mbed Cloud either on-premise or in a public cloud, our customers get to pick the best possible solution for their needs.

Migration between Public and On-Premises is easy and seamless

Today’s IoT devices need cloud-like access to server in order to become smarter, fetch new firmware updates, or simply to deliver their data for further processing. Increasingly, these devices are no longer stationary, but rather, on the move. In this particular use case, it makes sense that devices must connect to the nearest IoT device management server and sometimes may even need to switch between public cloud and an on-premise setup.

Mbed On Premises enables a seamless and instant transition of IoT devices between systems. It’s an outstanding way to enhance and accelerate data connectivity between devices and the server. It also affords a way to support mixed server environments where some devices connect to a public cloud and others connect to the on-premise solution only.

With such a range of deployment options, Mbed-enabled devices are able to connect to the right place, at the right time, with minimal overhead.

Superior scalability to fit any use case

The number of IoT devices in use continues to grow exponentially, so management of these devices in the field must be simple and secure. Updating device firmware easily but without compromising network security are top requirements for IoT devices.

Mbed On Premises provides a quick and easy way to scale device support. Even if you're starting with a few thousand devices, you can quickly ramp up to millions and beyond just by adding more server capacity or processing power to your datacenter.

Unprecedented scalability is a key feature for an Mbed On Premises deployment. By adding more capacity or hardware to your system, or adopting more cloud computing power, you can easily scale out to support your IoT device growth.

Data is King – and now resides on your premises

As the number of IoT devices grows, the data sent between those devices and the device management server expands rapidly as well. With Mbed On Premises, relevant data can be stored on your own servers' databases so various analytics tools and other data-driven applications can utilize and benefit from the data. You get to decide how and when to process your data, depending on your business' use case.

Arm is here to help: Let us manage it for you!

Arm can provide the technical support to facilitate quick adoption of Mbed On Premises and enable a wide range of use cases for you and your end-customers. As part of our managed services offering, Arm takes care of installation, on-boarding/commissioning, and all operational and administrative tasks during execution and operation of the Mbed On Premises solution.

Specific applications supported by Mbed On Premises include: network and connectivity configuration, device status monitoring, security configuration and device diagnostics. Administrative tasks include daily check-ups, server maintenance as well as data back-up and restore.

The Mbed On Premise software also includes all software service components and databases for local deployments so customers can implement Mbed On Premises with existing load balancers, firewalls and other hardware security modules.

With these capabilities, Arm customers will be able to focus their new IoT product and service development on their core competencies, secure in the knowledge that their IoT products can be instantly connected to the cloud with Mbed On Premises.

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