Making IoT simple, secure and scalable with Mbed OS

After 10 years developing a robust software platform for IoT, and with 100 billion Arm-powered chips shipped by our partners to-date with billions destined for countless IoT use-cases, we at Arm have learned that it takes a lot more than just an RTOS kernel to make IoT secure and scalable.

That deep partnering with chip and device makers over the years helps us understand the real pain points that IoT developers deal with every day. And from that hands-on experience, we’ve learned how to make IoT software development simpler and easier with our best-in-class Arm Mbed OS. We’ve made IoT device lifecycle management easy and robust with Mbed Cloud. And we know that IoT developers like real choice in which microcontrollers and cloud providers they use, so we’ve architected the Mbed IoT Device Platform with portability in mind.

From all of our experience, there’s one thing we’re sure of: Security starts on the device, and which device OS you choose for your business-critical IoT application really matters.

That’s why Mbed OS was developed from the ground up for Arm’s 32-bit Cortex-M devices and based on the widely adopted CMSIS RTOS kernel. Most RTOSes were built for 8-bit and 16-bit microcontrollers, but Mbed OS takes direct advantage of the Cortex-M architecture natively, and will be the first OS to support PSA-Compliant trusted boot, storage and opaque cryptography.

Communication technology and security between devices and the Cloud is just as critical. Mbed OS has the most complete connectivity support available for WiFi, BLE, NB-IoT, LoRa, Thread, NFC, 6LoWPAN and more, and with device authentication, confidentiality and communication integrity ensured with Mbed TLS.

IoT devices need to be securely managed over their lifecycle and Mbed OS natively supports trusted firmware update, provisioning and device-based authorization with the easy-to-use services available through Mbed Cloud.

Example IoT device for Asset Tracking using legacy RTOS, and an example using Mbed OS. Mbed OS offers a complete, integrated and native solution for faster time to market and more robust IoT implementation.

All of this capability is built into Mbed OS natively and not simply a collection of bolt-on libraries to a legacy RTOS. Mbed OS is in wide production deployment today with over 100 development platforms fully supporting Mbed OS and growing. The vibrant ecosystem around Mbed OS enables open collaboration, along side the 300,000+ Mbed OS developers busy making innovative IoT applications today… Mbed is accelerating IoT system development globally.

Come take a deeper look into the complex challenges of IoT and how Mbed OS is making IoT simple, secure and scalable. If you’d like to know more about Mbed, just reach out to us here.

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